The Forklift Store wants you to feel confident and safe in buying your next forklift. Here are common questions we get about the buying process, online security, and warranties. Please take a look.


We put together a video showing the process for buying a forklift at The Forklift Store. Here's the link: https://youtu.be/IxUbLuhPWbU

Please submit a contact form and specify what you would like our experienced sales team to assist you with. We have over 50 years of industry experience, if we can't solve the problem, we will refer you to someone who can.

Yes, to reserve a piece of equipment to ensure no one will purchase that inventory, we allow for 10% refundable deposit. This is only refundable up-to 5-days after commitment of the order or before the Equipment is shipped, whichever comes first. You will need to authorize this amount using our secure SSL payment process at checkout.

Continental US, Canada, Mexico, please allow for 1-week delivery time from date of shipment. If shipments are headed to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Mexico, or Canada please allow for additional shipping time. Payment is to be received prior to shipment date, refer to terms and conditions for more details.

Orders ship within 1 to 3 days after payment is received. We accept wire, ACH, and financing (financing only available for US customers).

Please allow 7 to 10-day delivery time from date of payment and order acceptance.

We pride ourselves in turning orders around and getting them to our customers. Allow additional days for shipments to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Mexico, or Canada.

Used Trucks Certified

Yes, we provide a list of general upgrades for our Used equipment. These include safety lights, new tires, LPG tanks, new paint, and our trucks come steam cleaned with full-service checks. Please refer to the Used equipment pages for more details.

Some older equipment rolls its meter over every time it hits 10,000, starting back at zero again. With trucks like these, we rely on our purchasing manager's 30 years of industry experience to determine the truck's true age. He'll analyze the truck by checking wear spots and internal workings.

We look for only the highest-quality used equipment. If we can't make an educated decision as to whether a used forklift will satisfy our customers, we won't sell it.

It's possible to adjust the hour meter manually on some models. However, that's a difficult process not many people can accomplish. It's also easy to spot.


We have a full-time parts and service team in Denver, Albuquerque, and El Paso. If you need parts shipped to your location, we are fully capable to provide what you need.

We stock about $1 million worth of parts available for our supporting Used brands and Heli. (Caterpillar, Doosan, Jungheinrich, Mitsubishi, JLG, Clark, Heli, Nissan, Donkey and more!)

Yes, make sure the local deal orders the correct parts for the Make, Model and Serial Number. There are many after-market parts companies and Forklift models, communicate with your provider about potential returns process before you buy the parts.


Our Heli forklifts are only warrantied in locations where we have certified Dealers and Branch locations, please refer to our branch locations map. Warranty claims must be submitted online and in-timely manner. Please refer to our Warranty policies and guidelines.

No, our Used Forklifts are sold ‘as is’ pieces of equipment. Think of Used Forklifts as a used Car, used Cars are sold ‘as is’. However, if you are unhappy and the product was misrepresented for what you need, follow the return process promptly, within 5-days of receiving the item. Your return freight charges, and restocking fee will be adjusted off the purchase price. For further details refer to our terms and conditions.


Forklifts touch everything we use daily. For humans to continue efficient work and empower workers, forklifts are necessary. Whether you use the equipment personally, as a rental asset, or for your business, a forklift can save you time and make money.

As we transition to a digital age, we find it necessary to give our customers a way to shop for forklifts online without having to go anywhere. Our business has over 50 years of industry experience and we pride ourselves in serving our customers. Rest assured; we treat our customers the way we would like to be treated.

If by any means your equipment doesn’t satisfy your needs, we will either help you find another piece of equipment and/or refund you your purchase price. This is adjusted based off the return freight and applicable restocking fee. For more information visit our terms and conditions page.

Submit through our online contact us portal. Our internal sales team will direct your inquiry to one of our Sales Managers.

Heli is one of the top 10 forklift brands in the world; in 2020 Heli was rated 7 in the world. Heli has main manufacturing location in Hefei, China. Heli builds and ships close to 160,000 pieces of equipment every year.

If you still have a question, please visit our Contact Us page to send it in.